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we just love taking photos of your little angels! babies and kids are so genuine and we have so much fun during these sessions. if you are looking for an updated portrait or newborn photo session we do that as well but this is a little deeper. we are now offering fine art angel sessions! these sessions are about an hour long- they can be done in studio or outside. we start with a little chat about your little one, their personality and what colors/themes you would like to use in the photograph. We provide the wardrobe and we will either use actual angel wing props or add them afterwards in photoshop.

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Did you know not only does your child have a guardian angel always by their side but an archangel connected to them that protects them and helps them use their divine gifts throughout their lifetime?

What is an archangel?

Archangels are incredibly powerful beings of the spiritual realm. They watch over humanity and angels, but also over various aspects of the universe itself.

There are many many archangels with different areas of focus for example:

Michael: the angel of protection and love. Michael carries a sword of light that dissolves any fear.

Gabriel: this angel helps with emotions- a great angel to help little ones with anxiety or strong emotions

Raphael: the angel of healing – physical, mental and relationship healing.

Chamuel: this angels name means “the eyes of God” Chamuel can help find lost things as well as be a traveling companion and bring peace and comfort wherever you go

There are so many more, these are just a few examples! Part of this photo session is tuning into your little one’s energy to see which archangel they are most connected with at this time! It’s a beautiful and fun session.

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Learn more about archangels here:

Doreen Virtue describes specific archangels

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