Why fall photos are the best

It’s no secret that everyone loves everything fall in Pittsburgh Pa! From pumpkin spice lattes to crisp cool air it’s a great time of year. Fall photos are on everyones agenda this time of year!


Fall photos are great because the air is a little cooler so everyone is more comfortable. This also opens up more fashion options! Layers are so fun in photos.

But let’s be honest – the number one reason fall is so great for photos is the leaves!! The fall colors are so beautiful and fleeting. It’s fantastic to capture this time of year in photos.

pittsburgh family photographer

There are so many beautiful spots in Pittsburgh to take fall photos! Whether you are in the North hills, Mount Lebanon, Shadyside or Moon Township, we can find a spot thats convenient for you! The light in the fall is really pretty in the early morning and late afternoon. If possible that’s a great time to schedule photos! That being said, at Viva we always say the babies (or kids) are the boss. If the best time for your toddler is 1pm we can make that work too!

kids portraits pittsburgh

Candid photos are just as important to us as posed portraits. Sometimes those little moments that happen in between the posed photos are the best!

We love to make your photo shoot fun- what would your kids like to do? Visit a pumpkin patch? Run through the leaves? If it’s hard to think of something we don’t blame you- leave it to us- let us know your kids ages and we will do the rest!

Toddlers love having a little project like collecting leaves or sticks. Older kids love pretending we are on an adventure. Most of the time we get the posed photos out of the way first and then just have fun! You would be surprised how easy it gets when the pressure is off!

Our fall schedule is filling up fast so email us today at tricia@vivaportraitstudio.com

Thanks for reading!

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North Park photos on location near Pittsburgh

There are so many beautiful photos spots near pittsburgh pa.  Whether you are in Mount Lebanon, Shadyside, Gibsonia, Sewickley or Robinson Twp. Pa we can certainly find a beautiful spot near you! We like to pick a few locations through the summer to have mini sessions. How is a mini different than a full session? Minis are a shorter amount of time. This can be great to get the classic family photo with everyone looking and smiling, siblings together, and updated portraits for any age. Full sessions are better for newborns and more creative sessions where we get some great candid shots as well as the classic photos.

kids portraits pittsburgh pa

These photos were taken in North Park. There are so many great spots within the park but we usually set up shop by the boathouse.  There is such a nice variety here with the lake, the stone building, and these beautiful birch trees! I have a weakness for birch trees if they are around I love to use them for photos!

children photography gibsonia pa

These three kiddos are some of my absolute favorites! Always so much fun to photograph! We had some amazing weather this day too. It wasn’t too hot and there was a nice breeze from the lake. Some kids really light up outside so it’s really nice to take advantage of these seasonal photos. We love to let kids lead the way for their session, especially the little little ones. If they want to pick flowers, throw rocks in the water  or climb trees- whatever gets those sweet smiles works for us!

baby photography pittsburgh pa

Oh my gosh this baby had so many smiles! What a fun age- around nine months- so much exploring to do! Big sister and big brother were so good with the baby. It was wonderful to see the connection between them all. With a mini session you end up getting around 5-10 finished beautiful images with printing rights. Email to check our mini session schedule- tricia@vivaportraitstudio.com

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Maternity photos in Robinson Township

Our lovely client had us take photos at her beautiful home near Robinson Pa west of Pittsburgh. The colors just popped this beautiful July day!

maternity photo pittsburgh pa

Textures make photos really come alive! We love the red lace sleeve and the green leaves in this photo make a nice contrast to the dress! We love assisting our clients with wardrobe- it can make a big difference in the photos!


pregnancy portrait pittsburgh

This beautiful mama is expecting baby number two. She has a handsome son already and this one is a baby girl! We are really looking forward to taking the newborn photos of this little princess! We take maternity photos on location or in our studio. Both options are great and it’s nice to have somewhere to go when the weather isn’t so nice!


Tricia (our head photographer) was talking with a client the other day about how she didn’t feel “photogenic” enough to have maternity photos taken with her first two pregnancies. Little did she know that with the right photographer they could have been a beautiful memory! Luckily she did have the photos taken when she was pregnant with her third (and last) baby. Trust us- you will never regret having photos taken only NOT having them taken!! If nothing else your kids will love to look back someday and see you during this special time.


family photography pittsburgh

If it helps you feel more comfortable we absolutely encourage partners, fur babies and/or older siblings to be in the maternity photos! Seasonal ideas are nice too- getting in a pond or creek during the summer makes beautiful images, snow in the winter etc. Let’s get creative together!

If you are going solo for your photos you might choose our mini session- it’s a nice quick session and you get about 5-10 photos with printing rights. If it’s a family affair you might want a larger package with more time and more photos as a result!

Contact us today to schedule- 412-965-9674 or tricia@vivaportraitstudio.com

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Summer photos outside in Pittsburgh

The summer weather is here in Pittsburgh! We have been taking photos outside in all the parks in these areas:

Robinson Township, Moon Township, North Park, South Park, Hartwood Acres, Sewickley, Ben Avon, Gibsonia, Bethel Park, Mount Lebonan, even downtown Pittsburgh has some green areas!

We have a few different options for great flexible packages for outdoor photos. It can be so much fun taking photos in an open area with beautiful scenery. Sometimes we have mini sessions which are very budget friendly- we will pick a park and plan to be there all day doing short and sweet sessions. This would be great for any type of session except newborns- those are best done in longer sessions and indoors.


This is a photo Tricia took at Blueberry Hill park in Wexford /Franklin park area.  This little girl had so much fun during her session. So much personality in her young age! You would never guess where this photo was taken- in the parking lot! The light was perfect here and it turned out so nice. The pull back photo is below. So fun to compare and what a difference from what we see to what can be done with a camera and lens.


kids portraits pittsburgh


This is the behind the scenes shot:

wexford parking lot

So you see any location can work with some good lighting! We have some spots left this Saturday and July 13 for some mini sessions at North Park near the lake. They always come out so nice! If you want to be in the know about upcoming mini days email tricia@vivaportraitstudio.com to get on the email list. Our studio also has some nice outdoor spots so if you wanted to do a studio newborn session we could always hop outside for a couple quick photos! It is our pleasure to take updated photos of your family please keep us in mind if you are in need of beautiful photos!

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Maternity Photo at our Pittsburgh studio

What is the saying? A picture is worth 1,000 words? Well we certainly believe it is worth that and more! Photos are so important and when you hire a professional to capture memories for you- you can be sure that is something you will never regret. Photos are precious. They can inspire us, make us laugh, make us cry, and transport us back to a moment years passed. I did not have maternity photos taken with my first two pregnancies. I just didn’t feel photogenic! But I do regret that! I did have another photographer take photos of me when I was pregnant with our third (and last). I still didn’t feel photogenic but now he’s almost two and I cherish those photos! Looking back I think I looked pretty darn good LOL!


Here is a recent photo of a beautiful mama that came to us for a maternity shoot. Our Robinson Twp studio was very convenient for her!

maternity photographer pittsburgh


What do you think is she having a boy or a girl? We can’t wait to meet the newborn baby! Big sisters are so sweet and are going to be so protective of this little love.


Our studio is versatile and we are also able to take photos indoor or outdoor there (weather permitting). It’s nice to be able to run out in between rain storms this rainy June! We are going to be at North Park July 13th for a round of mini sessions by the lake- so if outdoor photos are your style definitely get on the calendar for that one!


Outdoor photos are great for toddlers who love to run around. Sometimes they feel pressured in a studio with all eyes on them and decide they would rather do anything than pose for a photo! There are so many things to look at outside and the wide open spaces give them the freedom they want.


Call Tricia today to set up your appointment! 412-965-9674

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