Create a Safe Space Workshop

This workshop focuses on turning inward to find a safe space inside of you. When circumstances are out of your control you will always have a beautiful well of trust you can draw from anytime you need it.

These videos will lead you through the workshop. The first one is about Getting Grounded

It’s so important to feel grounded. This means feeling connected to yourself and your surroundings. Feeling safe and supported. We will talk about ways to do this.

The second video is about Setting your intentions and then surrendering. This is so important and a great way to bring you peace

The third video is about using your imagination. Start to use your imagination in a good way. Let me help you unlearn the anxiety and over saturation of media being streamed at you right now and remember how to bring yourself home to a peaceful place inside.

The fourth video is about Creating a few new habits to help you stay sane. Let’s be honest most of our schedules and regular routines have been shattered. Creating a few simple habits will help you release what you can’t control and lean into what you can control.

The fifth video is about finding the silver lining in the storm. Focus on what is working and what you can do.