Enjoy the gifts

how long do you let yourself enjoy a gift? whether it’s a kind word from a stranger, a valentine’s card from your partner or a bonus from your job?

for me I let the pleasure go away so quickly.. honestly sometimes I don’t even allow myself to receive a simple compliment from someone. Am I alone in that?

I was thinking about pregnancy. sure there are a lot of wacky things your body goes through but some of that 9 months we are literally holding this gift inside us and letting it grow. For me my 3 pregnancies were the few times I allowed myself to really enjoy a gift. Cherish a gift. Sitting with that lovely expansive feeling knowing something is growing.
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Let’s do that more often right? Let’s take a few minutes and absorb it when our 5 year old says “I love you”. When someone buys you a coffee let yourself really enjoy that coffee. You will attract more situations where you feel that satisfaction this way.

I received some lovely gifts today and truly let myself receive them. I was driving with my 2.5 year old son and I was singing along to a song on the radio. I can’t remember which one. Suddenly I noticed my son was making singing noises and trying to sing along as well! I never heard him try to sing before. It made me so happy I got goose bumps and had a huge smile on my face.

Then later my husband texted me and asked what “we are making for dinner” – the we in that statement means the world to me. It reminds me that he and I are a team and that he doesn’t expect me to do it all myself. What a reassuring feeling!
These things are simple but mean so much to me. There have been many seasons in my life where I chose the negative perspective consistently. I missed so much that way but I didn’t have the tools to flip it yet.I would love to hear some gifts you have truly allowed yourself to receive in the comment.
love and light to you!

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