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When the thought of naming Evoking You came to me I honestly just thought the name sounded cool. It made me think of a Warrior Goddess harnessing her inner strength. I thought it would be a sister company to Viva Portraits that focused on women, especially mothers. I knew I had a passion for creating art from photographing Moms with their little ones. I put up the facebook page about 16 months ago and just recently started to really build it up. It took a year for more of the pieces of the puzzle to fall into place.

This January I had a serious test of my inner strength. I became off balance and had some intense panic attacks. It was rough but I got a glimpse of the strength inside me and I’m forever grateful for that. My whole life I’ve been running to outside sources for comfort, leaning on others for strength and denying my own inner compass. This January I was forced(but happy) to stop running. I truly evoked myself. The dictionary defines Evoke as this: bring or recall to the conscious mind. That is truly what I did. As soon as I surrendered to what was happening to me what I needed to do burst into my mind. I reached out to my family, told my husband how I felt, made emergency appointments with my therapist and psychiatrist. I used essential oils, grounding techniques, ice therapy, and other methods. To me the scariest part of mental illness is the forgetting. The getting lost in the storm of it. When I struggled so hard against it I couldn’t even remember the first step to helping myself. I don’t want anyone to ever forget. I want to help them remember.
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In the past year my eyes have been opened up to all the extra help that is out there in addition to traditional ways of treating mental illness. There are Energy Workers that can use the Emotion Code and find and release trapped emotions in your body. There are Reiki healers, meditations, sound healings, so many!
My favorite, and one that I might try to integrate into my services was a past life regression. These sessions are deeply healing and you literally evoke from yourself the wisdom of the ages. I saw exactly why helping Moms with mental health issues is my passion. I know my purpose is to share my survival story and help others triumph in their own stories. I want to help you evoke the eternal wisdom inside of you. So Evoking You truly is the perfect name.

Our mission statement is this:
We want to provide comfort and connection to Moms who feel isolated with mental health issues. We want to dig deep with them to find the core of their painful thoughts and feelings and help them start to turn that around. Through photography we can capture the love they share with their little ones and give them a keystone photo to turn to when times get rough. We also want to help them build their mental health toolkit and teach them to turn to it in addition to medicine and traditional psychiatry.

Our main message:
You are not alone and there are unlimited options that can help you.

Please share our message. It is so important for others to know that they are not alone and there is ALWAYS something else to try. We are ready and waiting to shine a light when you are in your darkest hour.

Talk soon,

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