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At Evoking You we take fresh, candid, magazine style photographs of you and your family. We focus on the connection and love that is always there to capture. We think a photo is a delicious way to have something tangible to look at and hold in your hands that shows you without a doubt there is love in your life.

We especially love working with Moms and taking Mommy & Me photos. This is Tricia writing to you and I want to say that Moms are amazing creatures and always evolving. Sometimes as Moms we get stuck in a stressful train of thought that brings us pain and forces us to forget how awesome we really are. My favorite kind of photos to take are photos that flip that stressful belief for you!
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“Whatever stops you from dreaming….Whatever tries to stop you from living, flip it.” ~Alicia Keys

I’m going to share what Sara wrote about what caused her to want a session with me:

“We try to do at least 2 photo sessions per year, since our kids are young and they are growing up so quickly. Each time, I put so much pressure on myself and, as a result, on the kids. I go out and buy or raid our closets for coordinating outfits – not too matchy-matchy, but the right mix of colors and patterns to look interesting and cohesive. Once these outfits are on, no one is allowed to snack – we wouldn’t want a stain to mar the coordinated look. By the time we get to the photo session everyone is cranky and hungry, and I’ve self-sabotaged my way into a stressful and sometimes tearful time. Tricia has always been able to use her magical photography skills to deliver photos in which all of the kids look happy and my husband and I look stress free. I will certainly always treasure these photos, but when Tricia was talking about the new concept for her photography business, Evoking You, I was intrigued. I thought, “wouldn’t it be nice if we were actually happy and stress free during our photo session so the photos could capture our true joy?” That is what Tricia was able to provide. She came into our home so our kids were relaxed and didn’t have to take a break from play to go do a photo session. They were able to continue playing and have those moments caught on camera. Instead of carefully curating their outfits I told everyone to wear what they felt best in. We don’t look as picture perfect as we have in some of our past photo sessions, but these photos are authentic and demonstrate what life is like for us at this moment in time.” ~Sara
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What I hope I was able to flip for Sara was the thought that she has all these things to worry about leading up to a photo session. First of all- Moms- we take on too much of this stuff as our own responsibility. I know I do this all the time. Family birthday cards/gifts? My responsibility. Kids’ school forms, teacher appreciation week, crazy frickin sock day? My responsibility. So when a photo shoot comes up I think a lot of Moms freak out a little thinking oh my god how in the hell am i going to pull this off? And yes we all want the coordinated photo with everyone looking… or do we? Maybe you do maybe you don’t. Maybe you would love a candid family photo even better. Who knows, either way what you want is perfect for you.

What we got out of this relaxed photo shoot was true smiles from the kids, true expressions, no one was bribing them to say cheese (nothing wrong with that either 😉 ) and I think what we got is absolutely priceless. Not only can Sara look back at these and laugh when shit hits the fan (which it will, come on we are parents), but the kids can cherish these too and they will be so happy to have these photos of their Mom interacting with them.

What a beautiful Mom you are Sara! These kids just adore you. Thank you for inviting me in to your home and hang out with you all! Can’t wait to do it again.

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