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I loved photographing this family in their natural state. At home near Pittsburgh Pa with their kiddos and doggy. Family photos can be stressful but not this way. There’s no pressure with lifestyle photography. We capture whatever unfolds and it usually ends up amazingly beautiful! I would say the best ages to do this with are little ones 5 years old and under. When they get older they get more self conscious.

lifestyle photography near pittsburgh

The morning flew by as we chased these little ones around and Mom and Dad made waffles for brunch. Baby boy decided not to nap this morning but he was still full of smiles! Don’t our kids always do the opposite of what we think they will do?

family photographer

I have been blessed to be able to take photos of this family several times. It has been awesome to watch them grow!
family lifestyle photography

What would you want to capture at this time in your family’s daily life? Does your baby fall asleep on your chest after eating? Your toddler likes to feed the dog? There are so many moments that mean the world to us that we quickly forget. Taking photos gives us something tangible to look back on. To open up a photo book with your grandkids someday will be an amazing gift.
baby boy crawling captured by photographer

After brunch we went outside and blew bubbles and chased the doggy around. That beats sitting in front of a backdrop at a studio any day. I know portraits have their place too but in my opinion every family needs both. A photo to hang on the wall and LOTs of photos to put in a book.

We travel around Pittsburgh and it’s outer areas to take lifestyle photos at our clients’ houses. We could also do a lifestyle session at a park if that’s where your family is happiest! Email to book yours today.

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