Mental health toolkit part 2

Hi all! I recently did a live in our Facebook group-

All about creating my mental health toolkit. There are so many things that can help during a mental health crisis or bad day and the thing is (for me anyway) we tend to forget what helps when things get rough.

So I encourage you to create an actual box of items, lists, photos, crystals, essential oils , anything that helps you. You are each so unique that only you can know what should be in yours but I will tell you what’s in mine.

I have this labrodite crystal that helps with fears, anxiety, even menstrual cramps ladies! The gold coin is an angel coin that appeared in my house one day. I don’t know where it came from. The adjust your focus keychain is from a dear friend and the Purple Heart is a gift from my daughter.

I also have a rose quartz crystal for energetic protection, Rosemary essential oil because the smell really grounds me, some photos of my family, and a print out of Brene Brown’s parenting manifesto because I LOVE IT!

I would love to hear some things in yours!!

Remembering you always,


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