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Hi all! I love to share with you what has helped me on my mental health journey. If you’ve recently joined me I started my journey in 2005 with panic attacks and severe anxiety. Fast forward to 2017 when I was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder. I was diagnosed right before I found out I was pregnant with our third baby so it was quite the roller coaster ride to say the least. Balancing out post partum hormones with medicines was challenging and I feel that I am still swimming in a turbulent sea. The past year has been so intensely healing though. Let me tell you a bit of that story.

In addition to seeing a psychiatrist and therapist through my health care plan I started trying alternative healing options. I did this because it seemed that my symptoms were only temporarily helped by the prescribed medications.

The short list of what I tried on the spiritual side of things:
Emotion code healing
Numerology readings
Psychic medium readings
Essential oils
Protective Crystals
(email me if interested in more info on any of these!)

All of these things helped. The Numerology readings helped show me the pieces of my puzzle as seen from the sum of my birthday and other numeric codes. The Emotion code healings definitely helped me identify some trapped emotions and let some healthy energy flow to start the healing.

Despite all of this my panic attacks would randomly intensify. I felt like i was running from something I didn’t want to know. Do you ever feel that you know things in the far corners of your mind? Sometimes something will remind you of it and gives you a deja-vu feeling or goosebumps or something. I felt that my panic attacks were related to something that I was blocking myself from knowing.

I had read a book about QHHT which is basically healing through past life regression. Patients with illogical fears can sometimes find a source and opening up the memory through hypnosis can help resolve it. I was at the same time terrified and drawn to this idea. It was like I knew it would help me but I sooo didn’t want to go there. I sat on the idea for a full year before taking the leap. It was meant to be. I found a practitioner local to me who had an opening that worked perfectly. I was scared but a part of me said YES do this.

The evening of my reading was snowy and peaceful. The drive out to my destination was serene and I knew i was heading in the right direction literally and symbolically. My practitioner’s name was Karen and as soon as I walked through her front door I knew I was in the right place. I immediately saw a painting on her wall that reminded me a lot of one I had done. Her’s was a little different and included a child’s swing on the tree but I just felt immediately at home. As I settled onto her couch and began to relax into the process I had no idea what I was about to find out…. but that is for a whole other blog post. I will get there but my mind is still digesting all of it. I will say that an illogical fear I’ve had since I was a little girl came to light and I can now start to heal it. The relief is amazing!

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