My Story

My story.

As a child I was usually the quiet one. You could find me in a corner with a book most days. I lived a lot in my imagination. I loved animals, art, and nature and would spend hours watching bunnies, squirrels and birds while sitting in the yard. I was blessed to be born into a beautiful loving family that always supported me and allowed me to be myself.

As life moved on I got a bit stuck in some deep emotional issues. They turned into some mental health diagnoses and I spent years in traditional therapy and seeing psychiatrists to ease the symptoms. I have all the respect in the world for these doctors and therapists and they were crucial to getting me to where I am today. After becoming a Mom a lot of my symptoms worsened and by my third pregnancy I was in Intensive Outpatient therapy 4 days a week, on several medications and completely miserable.

Being a Mom never came easy to me. I ran from it by becoming a workaholic, I had weird unexplained fear about being alone with my kids, I felt like I had a giant wall in front of my heart preventing me from truly connecting with my kids. I blamed most of this on my mental health issues and plodded along doing the best I could. From the outside it mostly looked like I was doing just fine. However my symptoms continued to worsen.

2019 was a truly intense year for me but also the year that catapulted me into the person that I am today.
Through small little synchronicities and coincidences I started to find help outside of the clinical world. I first found a wonderful energy worker who I had several sessions with and learned a lot about the ways emotions get stuck and stored up in our bodies. Through her learned about past life regression therapy. We were talking about why I often woke up feeling utterly depressed before I even stepped out of bed. She said she had been listening to some videos about past life regressions and learned that sometimes people have old emotional baggage from past lives that are affecting their current lives. I briefly looked into it then but shrugged it off- I didn’t really understand it.

Over the course of a year I kept coming across either books on past life regression therapy, or people on talk shows talking about it, and I just couldn’t ignore it any longer. I read several books and learned a lot but it still took me a full year from first hearing about it to actually schedule a session. It was one of those things like I knew it would help me but I just kept putting it off.
Anyway once I finally went I learned so much about myself, about past lives that were connected to my issues in this life and I learned how loved supported and protected I am, we all are.

After that first session I was hooked. I started to see improvement in my symptoms over the next week. In a month I was able to wean down to only one medication instead of four. I feel a renewed love for my kids and sometimes I just get tears of gratitude in my eyes because I feel so blessed to have found this gift, this beautiful option that not too many people even know about. One of the most hopeful things I learned is that there are infinite ways we can heal ourselves so there is no need to feel desperate and hopeless.

Now I am passionate about spreading the word and helping others. No one needs to suffer. No one needs to think that they are stuck or that they have exhausted all treatment options. I would love to help you. Please reach out to me.