Past Life Regression More Info

What is it?

Past life regression therapy is a technique that uses deep trance like meditation to help you access your subconscious mind. From there you can visit previous lifetimes, talk to your spirit guides and hear from your higher self, your true self, your soul on ways to guide you in your current lifetime.

Why would I schedule a Past Life Regression?

There are many reasons people schedule these sessions. Through a deep meditation experience I will lead you through relaxing your conscious mind, finding your spiritual guides, experiencing past lives that may help you understand issues you are dealing with in your current life, and access the deep inner wisdom that exists within all of us that comes from our source of love.
The best part: you don’t have to be spiritual or believe in any of this for the process to work!
The other best part: your true self and guides will bring forth information in the best way to serve you – it is a very personal experience. Everyone experiences this a little differently but perfectly for how they will learn.

Some reasons people schedule a session:

Health: You may have a physical or mental ailment that is not improving with traditional medicine. These sessions offer the opportunity to do some deep healing by getting to the root emotional cause.

Relationships: You might have some issues with relationships in your life and would like to shed a little light on the situation. You can also clear any blocks that are preventing you from meeting the love of your life.

Life purpose: You might be curious to know more about yourself as a soul- other experiences you have had, other lives etc. You can also release any judgement, fears of speaking your truth, and realize you are safe to be seen and heard expressing your deepest desires.

Wealth: Many people find and release emotional blocks that are preventing them from living their most abundant and prosperous life.

What happens during a Past Life Regression?

Before your session we will talk about what your goals are for the session. You can have a list of specific questions if you want. It’s important to share as much as possible with me so I can help guide you in the best possible way.
Then I will ask you to lay down and get comfortable. You will be guided through a meditation that will help you completely relax and become open to knowing what will help you. The process takes about two hours.
I can record the session if you wish and take notes about what you are experiencing so that you can reference them later. It’s important to talk openly and freely about what you are experiencing. Some people have a visual experience, others notice sounds, smells, and others just have a feeling of knowing what is going on.
After the session we will talk about how what you experienced relates to the questions you had and issues you are having in your current life.

What are the benefits of a Past Life Regression?
There are so many benefits. A few are:

Improved relationships
Increased trust in yourself
Emotional blocks that hinder abundance can be cleared
Improved health
Improved mental health symptoms