Here’s to the Dads

Hi all! I’ve been sitting in the idea of balance lately. It’s come up a lot with my family and friends and we’ve been chatting it up on Facebook about it too. About how we need date nights and girls nights. Cozy cold rainy days and bright get outside sunny days. I created Evoking You to honor Motherhood but let’s not forget about the male figures in our lives. Husbands, partners, fathers, grandfathers, brothers and male friends all have a wonderful balancing effect for our families. While our kids evoke the mother in us women, the male characters in our lives evoke the lovely feminine energy. Which to me is all about transformation and receiving.

Transforming cells into babies, ingredients into a confection whether it’s a meal or a multi million dollar company. Give a woman your heart and she will return that love back to your tenfold.

Male energy to me is more about protecting, and giving and who is more giving than a father. Fathers would go to the moon and back for their loved ones. They hold space for us and give us room to grow.

We love you Dads and Grandpas and brothers and anyone who provides that loving space for us.

Your Evoking You session can absolutely include a father or partner or whoever you want. Contact Tricia today for a free consultation. 412-965-9674

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