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My heart is as full as this fluffy red tree today. I have been talking with other Moms about topics ranging from remembering their angel babies to balancing work and “motherhood”. One of my friends used quotations around that word today and I thought wow that is perfect. Because how do you even define “motherhood”? The all powerful Google defines it as “the state of being a mother” and the sentence example is “she juggles motherhood with a demanding career”. Yikes if that doesn’t just hit home! How many of you does that resonate with? I would add that “motherhood” is a demanding career. If you have another career on top of that you are a superhero. Which we all are aren’t we? As moms?

I was just having the birds and bees talk with my 9.5 year old (that is a whole blog post on its own) and we talked about how women’s body’s change during pregnancy and birth and I thought she would be more scared but she said “WOW. I think that’s a super power mom”. Yes it certainly is.

The theme that kept coming up today as I talked with several Moms was: Balance. Balancing work and home life. Giving attention to our kids and attention to our spouses and attention to ourselves. Leaning into the vulnerability of acknowledging we can’t do it all on our own. Balancing feeling so grateful to have these tiny humans and at the same time feeling overwhelmed with all the work that comes with being a mom. How do we give them everything including ourselves but at the same time reign them in and give them the boundaries that they also crave?
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Not to mention balancing being sexy and being motherly. Balancing activities with quiet time. Balancing budgets and birthdays and i could go on forever!
What is keeping me going though is knowing that we are not alone in this. Sometimes “motherhood” can be isolating especially this time of year when kids or parents get sick or the weather keeps us inside. Knowing that there are sooo many moms out their dealing with the same feelings as us is empowering. I feel so blessed to be able to connect and share with these superhero women.

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