Valuing Intention

I have been reflecting a lot lately on the idea of valuing intention and letting go of results and especially letting go of perfection. This applies to lots of areas of life but especially to photography sessions.

I think as a photographer you have a vision for what you want to come out of a session and as a client you also have a vision of what you want to come out of it. It’s important to share with each other what we’re thinking and what’s possible and explore new ideas.

As a parent when you are coming into a photography session you can’t help but feel a little stress. Will the kids behave. Will we get at least one decent picture of the whole family looking at the camera? These are valid desires! It’s good to intend to get those pictures that you want but it’s also important to let go of the perfection of how exactly they will look.

I love this quote above it very eloquently points to what I’m talking about. I can’t tell you how many clients pull up Pinterest during the session and want to re-create an exact pose or moment. There is nothing wrong with that at all the only suggestion I have is to show those photos to the photographer before your session and resist the urge to pull them up and look at them again during the session to make sure that details are matching up. Your photo is your photo. There is no possible way to create an exact moment again. And that is a good thing! Your photo will be drenched in the beauty that is you and your story. Most of those photos on Pinterest that draw you in are happy accidents. They are photos that happened after everyone just let go and have fun.

So yes think about your photos and dream about how lovely they will look on your walls and how everyone will behave and the lighting will be perfect and angels will sing.

Then do your best to show up for the session and relax. The art that will emerge will surpass your expectations and be better than you ever imagined.

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